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Introduction of our new Business Intern, William

Work-Study Intern programme

Bonjour, je m’appelle William, j’étudie dans une école internationale à Hong Kong, cette année il me doit d’accomplir un stage d’observation en entreprise, j’ai décidé de faire du business. Je parle courament le Francais et je me débrouille en Anglais, et aussi en Mandarin. Comme nous le savons, vendredi c’est la saint-valentin. Mais qu’est-ce que la saint-valentin?


Make dad feel mellow with a touch of yellow

Hong Kong Standards, June 14, 2012

Father's Day is on its way and, according to those in the know, gifts of yellow flowers are the best way to say thanks for being so special...


爽揀:Valentine's Day Last Order

Sharpdaily.hk, February 14, 2012



Flowers trail in Father's Day shopping bonanza

Hong Kong Standards, June 17, 2011

Saying thank you to mom with flowers is fine but for dad it's an entirely different ball game - and, of course, a lot more expensive. With Father's Day just around the corner, retailers and restaurants are gearing up for what they hope will be a bonanza in wine, food and, possibly, electronic gear sales.


Prices to blooming rise on mom's day

Hong Kong Standards, May 6, 2011

It's going to cost much more to say "Thank you, mother" this year, but most believe it's worth it. Florists are reporting a record number of pre-orders and most restaurants say they are already fully booked for Sunday.


情意到 鮮花到

新假期, January 28, 2007

多謝新假期有關花香港的小報導.在情人節送花的確很傷腦筋,又要神秘中帶給驚喜!  很多人留意到我們的網站,特別是送花的路線我們會有GPS追蹤。 可能,要策劃講第一句I love you,有時幾困擾。恰巧借情人節送花一刻,就不怕難為情開口吧!

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