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Lechuza Planter Care Instructions

How to water and care

Watering your Lechuza self watering pot is very important.

Your Lechuza plant has a water reservoir at the bottom for water storage for a prolonged period.

Please add water in your Lechuza pot. You can check the water level with the water indicator, and if it "floats" between "Min" and "Max" are okay. Anywhere else is not good.

Water the plants onto the top of soil during the first weeks, until the roots have grown into the water reservoir. You can check the soil in the pot and the LECHUZA-PON substrate to see if it is moist.

Upon Receiving your tree
  • Fill water with appropriate amount of water
    • Classico 35 -
    • CUBICO 30 -
  • Check the soil is wet but not soggy. The excess water will go to the reservoir tank.
  • The indicator should flow up above “min” level once water has reach the bottom of the tank
    • 3.1 yes. Wait for few weeks to see if drop
    • 3.2 No. Check the indicator if it is jam but take it out and shake it. It should fix the jam.
  • 4. Once the indicator drop below “min” level.

  • P.S. It means that the sub-irrigation system now develop new roots and it is begins working. This root developemnt process can take up to several weeks depending on the size and type of plant. Just continue watering your plant as you normally would until then. To determine whether your plant can supply itself with water, simply fill the reservoir. If the water level indicator goes down over the next three days or so, your plant is already getting all the water it needs.
    • 4.1. Check the soil if it is still moist
      • 4.1.1. Yes. Still moist with finger test. You can wait for a week.
      • 4.1.2 No. You should water them again on the soil now until the roots learn to take up moisture in the tank.
  • 5. The cycle repeat and you can predict how often you should fill up the tank before the soil dry out again.
  • 6. Following the cycle will help reduce the chance of over-watering and under-watering.
    • 6.1 Over-watering will cause yellowing of leaves. Check with your finger by sticking it into soil to see if it is over-watering. Or use a soil meter to check.
    • 6.2. Under-watering will cause the leaves dry or brown. Check with your finger by sticking it into soil to see if it is completely dry. Or use a soil meter to check.
    • 6.3. Another problem will be the roots doesn’t take up any water from the root systems. It maybe it has been over-watering for too long or under-water for too long. In this case, you should repot them to see if they can be revive again.
For small plants on the desk

CUBE 14/16 Planter + Water level indicator + Stick

Quick and simple, the wick allows you to keep small plants in their pots when planting them in the planter.

  • Gather your grow pot and wick.
  • Insert the stick into the growpot from below.
  • Place grow pot in planter. Water and enjoy.


For use indoors, the red drain plug at the bottom of the planter must be fastened hand-tight.

Before using your planter for the first time, check that the plug fits securely.


For use outdoors, remove the drain .

Before using your planter for the first time, check that the plug fits securely.

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