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                                    Ficus Elastica Robusta/Abidjan  (Rubber Tree)

CLASSICO 35 Lechuza self-watering system has proved to be one of the best ways to supply your plant with the proper amount of water to promote a healthier plant.

approx. height :75cm tall.
Light: Ficus elastica prefers bright, indirect light but does cope quite well in lower light conditions. Insufficient light or incorrect watering can trigger leaf drop. Adjust as necessary and your plant should quickly recover.
Wipe the leaves occasionally with a damp cloth to prevent dust accumulation. Easy to care houseplant.
Botanical name: Ficus elastica 
Note: Ficus sap contains sticky latex which can be an irritant, therefore wash your hands if any comes into contact with your skin.

Note: Shape and height of plants will vary.

Ficus Elastica Robusta/Abidjan (Rubber Tree)

Thick and large foliage, Bright position

Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica) requires a very humid, moist environment. If the air is too dry, the tips will dry out first and the yellow/brown spots will grow inwards. Spray Rubber Plants regularly especially if the plant is surrounded by heated air. During the growing season, water moderately. Older leaves turning yellow is a sign of over-watering a rubber plant.

Ficus elastica Robusta is a modern variety that is very close to the original species in appearance, but with leaves that are wider and more glossy.

pot size: 24cm, height approx. 75cm


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