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                                    Peperomia Banda and Rosso

Peperomia Banda and Rosso

Mini Cute

Peperomia Piccolo 'Banda' is distinguished by its thick, pale silvery-green leaves with dark green, sometimes purple tinged, heavy veining running in multiple bands down their length. Stems are a fleshy, succulent red. Peperomia 'Rosso' is another a great little plant! Characterized by its brilliant red jewel undersides and deep green leaves. It form a rosette shape and remain tiny for small space.

Care of peperomia is simple. They do best with bright, indirect light. It can do well in partial sun or with either morning or evening sun, but it does not tolerate full, direct sun. Do not allow these Peperomia to dry out entirely nor overwater it. Water it when the soil feels almost dry, provide a thorough, deep watering. Always water from below and allow the plant to soak up all the water it needs.

clement pot 12cm diameter

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